Out of the Box

A little peek into “VERBAL EMESIS” Do to be released this APRIL ~2011~

Out of the box

WE LIVE IN BOXES AND WERE NOT HOMELESS!! wtf.. what happened to REAL LIFE.. no wonder the world is so depressed and anchored down by pills and narcotics. No one knows how to enjoy a walk or breathing in fresh air… no one sees the beauty in sunrises and sun sets anymore.. DONT THEY KNOW THESE ARE THE CERTAINTIES IN LIFE.. we pin our hopes on such trivial matters like if were going to have steak instead of hamburger, or whether or not this is the right choise or if that is.. all the while we could be enjoying the CERTAINTIES and sharing them with the ones we love. 

Technology has us fornicating with double clicks and buttons that make our 3 dimensional selves walk or run. Why can’t we GO DO SOMETHING? Take the kids to the beach? Go for a walk just to enjoy the air? Use our limbs for purposes given instead of sitting on your asses making our fingers strong and our wrists bad. What good is hand-eye coordination if you don’t utilize it in any other way then to point and shoot or punch the buttons. Why.. are we not having this conversation IN PERSON.. instead of through this technological black hole that exists between everyone. ??? (besides in person I don’t have to show that I cant spell worth a damn… LOL. 

I hear sunlight stimulates our brain and can make us happy. Yet we sit in dark corners peering into screens that flash and trick our brains into thinking and feeling emotions that aren’t there. Feelings of sadness when there is no reason, feeling anger when there is no reason. AND I GOT PILLS ! I don’t need pills I need the SUN. I need human interaction. I need to stimulate my mind and open my ears. and shut my mouth. 

Yet here I am, sitting behind a man with a virtual gun, who steals people’s flags, and curses at people he will never meet, verbally emesising my discord with his box, stuck in my own, without human interaction.



  1. so if u crave the sunshine and fresh air, go without him to enjoy it. i know its hard but if he cares, he’ll wake up and see what hes missing.

    • I know, I know, But we all know its easier to get mad and throw a tantrum. Besides, its more enjoyable when u have someone to share it with. But Your right, I’ll have to get up and take a stand (or in this case, a walk) lol

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