Amber Perry (Dark Poetry)

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1. Any ONE book SIGNED of the 3 (The Book I Said I’d Write, Verbal Emesis, or Haunted)

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Remember the contest ends just before the Books will be released, So you have a chance to get one of the new ones before anyone else!

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Out of the Box

A little peek into “VERBAL EMESIS” Do to be released this APRIL ~2011~

Out of the box

WE LIVE IN BOXES AND WERE NOT HOMELESS!! wtf.. what happened to REAL LIFE.. no wonder the world is so depressed and anchored down by pills and narcotics. No one knows how to enjoy a walk or breathing in fresh air… no one sees the beauty in sunrises and sun sets anymore.. DONT THEY KNOW THESE ARE THE CERTAINTIES IN LIFE.. we pin our hopes on such trivial matters like if were going to have steak instead of hamburger, or whether or not this is the right choise or if that is.. all the while we could be enjoying the CERTAINTIES and sharing them with the ones we love. 

Technology has us fornicating with double clicks and buttons that make our 3 dimensional selves walk or run. Why can’t we GO DO SOMETHING? Take the kids to the beach? Go for a walk just to enjoy the air? Use our limbs for purposes given instead of sitting on your asses making our fingers strong and our wrists bad. What good is hand-eye coordination if you don’t utilize it in any other way then to point and shoot or punch the buttons. Why.. are we not having this conversation IN PERSON.. instead of through this technological black hole that exists between everyone. ??? (besides in person I don’t have to show that I cant spell worth a damn… LOL. 

I hear sunlight stimulates our brain and can make us happy. Yet we sit in dark corners peering into screens that flash and trick our brains into thinking and feeling emotions that aren’t there. Feelings of sadness when there is no reason, feeling anger when there is no reason. AND I GOT PILLS ! I don’t need pills I need the SUN. I need human interaction. I need to stimulate my mind and open my ears. and shut my mouth. 

Yet here I am, sitting behind a man with a virtual gun, who steals people’s flags, and curses at people he will never meet, verbally emesising my discord with his box, stuck in my own, without human interaction.

Living Guide for 2011

I have had some seriously bad days going on so far in 2011. The year has definitely not been on my top ten favorite years so far. I know im not the only one to feel that wrath of 2011, as I have watched it reek havoc on the hearts of many of my friends and family alike. Death after death, loss after loss, burden after burden, heart ache after heartache…. Then today amid my afternoon homework, I came across this “LIVING GUIDE” posted on a page for a SOAP notes page I was looking at for some ideas on my project in medical terminology. It was actually rather nice… So I’m going to share it with you.




1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
3. Eat more foods that grow ON trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured IN plants..
4. Live with the 3 E’s — Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
5. Make time to pray.
6. Play more games
7. Read more books than you did in 2010 .
8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day
9. Sleep at least 7 hours.
10.Take a 10-30 minute walk daily.  And while you walk, smile.

11. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
12. Don’t have negative thoughts on things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
13. Don’t over do.  Keep your limits.
14. Don’t take yourself so seriously.  No one else does.
15. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip.
16. Dream more while you are awake.
17. Envy is a waste of time.  You already have all you need.
18. Forget issues of the past.  Don’t remind your partner of his/her mistakes in the past, that will ruin your present happiness.
19. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.  Don’t hate others.
20. Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present.
21. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
22. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn.  Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
23. Smile and laugh more.
24. You don’t have to win every argument.  Agree to disagree…

25. Call your family often.
26. Each day give something good to others.
27. Forgive everyone for everything.
28. Spend time with people over the age of 70, and under the age of 6.
29. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
30. What other people think of you is none of your business.
31. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick.  Your friends will.  Stay in touch.

32. Do the right thing!
33. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful, or joyful.
34. GOD heals everything. (or whom ever you pray too, or call your higher power)
35. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
36. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.
37. The best is yet to come…
38. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it. (or whom ever you pray too, or call your higher power)

39. Your Inner most is always happy. So, be happy. 

40. Share something inspiring with your friends and family! (as you can see, I have just done this!)