Dear Lord and Lady of Creation;

I stand before you in this dark time,
And entrust to your great care my light –
Behold My Grandfather, Lyle Perry, whose smile was brighter than the sun,
Whose delight was in things both great and small,
Who loved completely, and was loved completely.
Whose life will be taken much to soon 

I pray you welcome him into the Summerland,
And that he might rest in your great house.
I pray you will keep his smile bright while he is away from his family here on earth,
That one day we may be together again.
I pray you keep my family strong and patient in this time of great darkness,
And grant us the strength to live without him when the time has come for him to venture home.      As I’m sure he would bid us all to smile.
Grant us all the strength celebrate the life he had,
For there are many who love him,
And many shall speak his name with fondness.

My Lord and Lady,

I ask you to from my heart to offer comfort in many forms
Comfort to my family and to my Grandfathers Friends which he loves undoubtedly.
Bless him, in his time of suffering and bless our family who suffer with him and all those close to him and our family.

Guide us through this darkness and –
Bless us for our Anger, for it is a sign of Rising Energy.
remind us to direct it not at our family, and waste not on our enemy.
But Transform the energy into Versatility so it will bring  prosperity.

Bless us for the times we see evil.
Evil is energy mishandled and it feeds on our support.
Feed it not and it will self destruct. Shed light and it will cease to be.

Bless us for our jealousy, for it is a sign of empathy.
remind us to Direct it not at family. Direct it not at  friends.
but instead Transform the energy to Admiration, and what you admire will become a
part of your life.

help us to Count our blessings everyday for they are the protection which stands
between us and what we wish not.

Count our curses for us, so that we will not be a wall which stands between us  and what we wish.

I will it to be so, with my heart open, my ears willing and my shoulders strong

Blessed Be ♥∞♥

(sorry Gramma, I had to get it out)



  1. I love it Amber.

    • ❤ Thank you Crystal, I will be leaving today to go down south to be with him, they are moving him to Hospice today.

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