All Of This Past

Out with the old, in with the new! (Yes, I realize its not quite the New Year but who said we couldn’t start early?) As most of you may be aware, my previous Blog has been disabled. This is not for any other reason than I rarely visit “MySpace” unless it is to post a status; which we all know can be done with the push of a button from other social networks now. Although I have kept the MySpace account opened, this is currently where I will share my thoughts and feelings, and of course, any updates on my future book publications.

Speaking of “out with the old in with the new” I wanted to let everyone know that due to some recent happenings, I have been writing some new material, which will be added to my next book. (Verbal Emesis)

I have been fighting with the demons in my head, trying to find my way. Sometimes my feelings get in the way of what I know is the right choice and I end up hurting myself over and over again. I know that somehow, this all could be avoided if I just stick to my guns and move on. I know that the “idea” of love (be it friendly or otherwise) can be hard to unveil.  Feelings and logic rarely run parallel, and especially when we are young, our feelings easily overshadow our logic and cause us undue pain and confusion. As a grown woman, I have come to find this to be so, passions run much deeper in adolescence and if not given the proper care can fatally inflict a young heart.

I’ve always been an overly passionate person, so trying to find my logical mind is definitely a new concept for me. But with the help of some very dear friends, paper, and a pen, I am sure to find my way.  Again, Thank you all for your love and support.

Blessed Be,

❤ Amber

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